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How can I get a refill in my box, eg washing up liquid?

We’ll offer standard sized ‘PET’ bottles for re-use.  500ml, 750ml and 1litre.  Order the product and size you want for the following delivery and we’ll deliver that to get you started off.  Leave any used bottles in your box for collection. You can also put any other bottles of those sizes in and if you clearly label them with your name, the size of the bottle and the product you want, we will refill them for you.  We cannot be held responsible for broken glass/ceramic bottles. You can also donate us clean, recycled plastic bottles to offer to others!

How are you minimising packaging waste?

We won’t use any plastic packaging in your box unless it is to maintain the quality of the produce.  For example, we package salad leaves in a plastic bag as we have found the alternatives lead to it drying out.  You can leave your cardboard box out for us to collect at your next delivery and we will re-use it.  You can put any other packaging inside the box for re-use or recycling.

How do you deliver boxes to me?

We deliver in our all electric van.  If it suits you at any time, we can hang on to your order for you to collect in person from our shop.

Will everything in my box be organic?

Much of the produce in your box will be certified organic.  However, some of the small, local growers we buy from cannot justify the high costs of organic certification and in these cases, we visit them to satisfy ourselves they are using organic growing methods.

Where does all your produce come from?

We prioritise local growers.  These might be small market gardens within 20 miles of Bingley or larger farms across Yorkshire and Lancashire.  To maintain variety, we will add in other items from across the UK and some EU imports.  In fruit boxes, bananas will be a staple and they are normally from Fairtrade organic growers in the Dominican Republic.  Very occasionally, we’ll put in another exotic fruit as a special treat! Nothing we put in our boxes is air freighted.

What if I’m not in when my box is delivered?

Let us know a safe place to deliver your box – ideally covered and in shade – and we’ll put it there.  If you don’t have a covered space, it’s helpful if you can leave some bricks and a waterproof box lid so we can keep your box off the ground and out of rain.  If you are expecting chilled items, you might want to leave a cool box out for us to put them into.  Alternatively, you can ask us to deliver to a neighbour.

How much is delivery?

How much is delivery? Delivery is free subject to a minimum order of £20 or for veg/fruit box subscriptions.

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